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Despite or because of modern technology, our everyday lives are becoming faster and more hectic. Augenstyle offers you Swiss-Line lenses that combine precision, efficiency and sustainability. High-quality single vision lenses made in Switzerland.


Reading glasses are for quick glances or long reading sessions. If the correct prescription is not available to take with you, it can be made for you within an hour. With Swiss-Line lenses, we offer you excellent vision.


Swiss-Line glasses combine precision, efficiency and sustainability. High-quality progressiv glasses made in Switzerland. We guarantee natural vision for your personal vision requirements by optimizing according to individual parameters. Tailor-made progressiv glasses.


Excessive close work, for which the human system is not designed. Our eyes are designed for looking into the distance and react to high "close-vision stress" with tiredness and sometimes even headaches. You will find the optimal adjustment for your work environment at Augenstyle. We guarantee relaxed and comfortable vision at your workplace.


You will find the right glasses for every hobby here. Accuracy and coordination - these skills are important for most sports. They would not be possible without optimal vision. Despite this, many people who wear glasses take them off before exercising. But this is not necessary - sports glasses ensure the best vision and the usual wearing comfort. Protect your eyes.


We visit international trade fairs every year - always striving to discover the latest fashion trends for you. We attach great importance to the best quality in production and materials. With us you will find the latest brands from the most important international eyewear designers, most of whom we also know personally. This means we usually get inspiration, ideas and special details first hand. As a leading eyewear and optics specialist shop, some brands are available exclusively at Augenstyle.


We have a top selection to ensure that the eyes of the youngest generation are optimally cared for. We offer single vision and special children's multifocal lenses, as well as a unique, innovative solution for myopia management.


Every pair of glasses we make is unique

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